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Desperadoes Vol. 1 - The Legacy of Clive Bradley
Desperadoes Vol. 1 The Legacy of Clive Bradley


Desperadoes Vol. 2 - Different Me
Desperadoes Vol. 2 Different Me

Kaiso Treasure Chest 2017
Kaiso Treasure Chest 2017


Machel Montano - Monk Monte




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DVD Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama Finals 2005 (2 DVD set)
DVD Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama Finals 2005 (2 DVD set)
From De Panyard to De Big Yard

Pan - it takes pounding to make and pounding to play. The steelpan is the only acoustic instrument invented in the 20th century, and it was invented right here in sweet "T & T".

The steelpan orchestra as it exists in Trinidad & Tobago is an impressive one. Consisting of up to 120 players, and over 400 steel drums, the sound is huge, intense and pounds the blood. Panorama is the ultimate test of steelpan virtuoso. Months of rehearsal culminate in merely eight minutes of intense performance on the Queen's Park Savannah stage. Eight bands picked over 3 weeks from over 20 aspirants. This is it!

"Panorama 2005 - From De Panyard to de Big Yard" goes inside the communities, inside the yards to bring viewers and listeners to the heart of the pan. All the ambiance, the camaraderie, all the pure musical talent is exposed for the first time on DVD!

With performances by some of the top steel bands

Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove
CLICO Sforza
Sagicor Exodus
BP Renegades
Excellent Stores Silver Stars
Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars
Arima Angel Harps
WITCO Desperadoes
TCL Group Skiffle Bunch
RBTT Redemption Sound Setters
BWIA Invaders
NLCB Buccaneers
Sangre Grande Cordettes
Carib Tokyo
HCL Valley Harps
Parry's Pan School
Price: 32.00

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