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Desperadoes Vol. 1 - The Legacy of Clive Bradley
Desperadoes Vol. 1 The Legacy of Clive Bradley


Desperadoes Vol. 2 - Different Me
Desperadoes Vol. 2 Different Me

Kaiso Treasure Chest 2017
Kaiso Treasure Chest 2017


Machel Montano - Monk Monte




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DVD Calypso Dreams (Vintage Kaiso)
DVD Calypso Dreams (Vintage Kaiso)
CD soundtrack also available


Regeneration Now - Five Rules of Calypso
Mighty Striker - Grandfather’s Clock
Conqueror - Trinidad Dictionary
Lord Relator - Bush Medicine
Mighty Bomber - Portrait of Trinidad
Mighty Duke - Trust Yu Wife
Brigo - Walking in the Dark
Lord Blakie - Hold De Pussy
Mighty Terror - Steelband Jamboree
Regeneration Now - Louise
Calypso Rose - Fire
Power & Striker - Wastin‘ Your Time
Duke & Superior- Black Is Beautiful
Superior, Gypsy & Relator - Extempo
Poser - Ah Goin’ Party Tonight
Mystic Prowler - Accident Policy
Brother Valentino - Trinidad is Nice
Brother Mudada - Sing for the Lord
Mighty Duke - What Is Calypso?
Brother Akil - Raise Your Head
Crazy - Dustbin Cover
Calypso Rose - Outside Man
Explainer - Ras Mas
Duke & Superior - Carnival Is Over
Lord Relator - Tribute to Kitchener
Mighty Bomber - Joan and James
Striker - Tribute to Princess Margaret
Lord Blakie - Steelband Clash
Lord Superior - Trinidad Carnival

An informative, entertaining film about the history of calypso - interspersed with interviews, archival footage and live performances by some of calypso's legendary stars!

Winner of the Best Caribbean Documentary at the Jamerican Film Festival, Audience Favorite at the DC Film fest, Pan- African film festival, Mill Valley Film Fest and embraced by an entire nation in Trinidad, Calypso Dreams chronicles the rich and complex cultural roots of calypso music in Trinidad and Tobago.
Price: 25.00

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2016 Dimanche Gras DVD

Price: 37.00
Calypso Fiesta 2016 (4 DVDs)

Price: 58.00
Calypso Rose - Far From Home

Price: 22.00
Chalkdust 2017 - 75 Cyah Go Into 14

Price: 18.00

Desperadoes Vol. 1 - The Legacy of Clive Bradley

Price: 30.00
Desperadoes Vol. 2 - Different Me

Price: 17.00
DVD - International Panorama - Pan On The Rise (3 DVD set)

Price: 63.00
DVD - Panorama 2017: Transformation in Steel (2 DVDs

Price: 50.00

Extempo Preliminaries 2016 DVD

Price: 25.00
Kaiso House 2016 DVD

Price: 37.00
Kaiso Showcase 2016 DVD

Price: 25.00
Kaiso Treasure Chest 2017

Price: 17.00

Kaisorama 2016 (2 DVDs)

Price: 25.00
We Muzik Vol. 7

Price: 17.00


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