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Desperadoes Vol. 1 - The Legacy of Clive Bradley
Desperadoes Vol. 1 The Legacy of Clive Bradley


Desperadoes Vol. 2 - Different Me
Desperadoes Vol. 2 Different Me

Kaiso Treasure Chest 2017
Kaiso Treasure Chest 2017


Machel Montano - Monk Monte




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Maha Chutney Hits 2011
Maha Chutney Hits 2011

White Oak and Water (by Rikki Jai)
When Last (by O'Neil Bhajman)
The Hunt Is On (by Ian Alleyne)
No More Rum Again (by KI)
We Drinking (by Rishi Ram & Brenti (melobugz))
Text Yuh (by Rikki Jai)
River (by Artie Butkoon (Melobugz))
Balamawah (by Ambi Yankarran)
Limer (by Dolly Boy)
Be Ah Big Man (by Artie Butkoon (Melobugz))
Rum Come First (by Rishi Ram Feat. Soca Elvis)
New Lover Boy (by Shirvani Sookhai)
Double and Roti (by Soca Elvis)
Old Man (by Sabrina Ragbir)
Look How She Leave Me (by Natty Ramoutar)
Tu Tul Bay (by Falco Maharaj)
Dulahin (by Fridge)
Wedding Night (by Jude Nidhan)
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Desperadoes Vol. 1 - The Legacy of Clive Bradley

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