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Desperadoes Vol. 1 - The Legacy of Clive Bradley
Desperadoes Vol. 1 The Legacy of Clive Bradley


Desperadoes Vol. 2 - Different Me
Desperadoes Vol. 2 Different Me

Kaiso Treasure Chest 2017
Kaiso Treasure Chest 2017


Machel Montano - Monk Monte




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Kaiso Showcase 2016 DVD
Kaiso Showcase 2016 DVD
2016 Kaiso Showcase DVD

First Half Contestants

Keishon Jack - Will Fall
Joanne Foster - Thou Art Loose
Allan Nichols (Nikko) - My Last Hurrah
Wendel McBurnie (La Prochaine) - Oh My Papa
Carl Barrington (Kaiso Nobby) - Marriage Advice
Rosemary Mitchell (Young Rose) - Country Bookie
Ainsley Mayers (El Drago) - Dogs, Man's Best Friend
Abbi Blackman - Whey Dikash
Vistoria Cooper-Rahim (Queen Victoria) - The After Shock
Trevor Barrow (Trevor B) - Let's Party
Marsha Clifton (Lady Adanna) - Murder A Day
Alicia Richards - No Facts
Lynette Steele (Lady Gypsy) - An Invasion
Michael Legerton (Protector) - The Man From LesCoteaux / Port of Spain

Second Half Contestants

Joseph Adam - How Some See It
Vistor McDonald (Mr Mack) - Legally Gay
Allan Edmund (Cyclops) - Pressure
Crystal Mitcham (Sexy C) - Pumping Jack
Steve Pascall (Ras Kommanda) - She Never Write Me
Randolh Hillarie (Count Robin) - Nutten With You
Kenrick Sheen (Black Byrd) - In My Blood
Kerron Williams (Wackerman) - Mr Cree
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We Muzik Vol. 7

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Kaisorama 2016 (2 DVDs)

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Kaiso House 2016 DVD

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2016 Dimanche Gras DVD

Price: $37.00
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